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Opposition Demands That Heating Plants Reimburse the Public

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Archive / News | 03.11.22 | access_time 12:28


According to the oppositional Freedom and Justice Party, Mining and Energy Minister Dubravka Djedovic Negre’s claims that the state has saved money by postponing the heating seasonare, in fact, an attempt to “deceive the public.”

The party has called on the government to order the reimbursement of citizens who paid for heating but did not receive this service between Oct. 15 and Nov. 1. Maintaining that said solution is “the only legally possible” one, the party has also requested that the government issue an apology over the issue.
“Anything less than that, and we can realistically expect that some citizens will stop paying their [heating] bills on account of the service not being provided,” the Freedom and Justice Party stated.

The party further insisted that Minister Djedovic Negre’s claim that the state saved over EUR50 million by postponing the heating season amounts to “deceiving the public because the state didn’t save that money, it took it out of the citizens’ pockets.”

“It would have been saving had the government and ministers given up certain privileges and pointless overpriced corrupt projects, but that is not the case. Instead, the citizens who paid for heating in advance, from April to October i.e. outside the heating season, expecting [heating] to commence on Oct. 15 – have been defrauded,” the Freedom and Justice Party said.

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