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NGO: Serbia Will Join EU by 2030 if it Accepts Plan for Kosovo

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A clear path to EU membership, investments in the local energy sector and emancipation from Russian influence in this area, and an influx of American and European companies are examples of what Serbia can expect to gain if it accepts the West’s proposal for resolving the issue of Kosovo – claims a Jan. 30 article published by the Demostat research and publishing center.

Citing diplomatic sources, the Demostat article further confirmed speculations regarding possible backlash should the proposal be refused, and stated that failing to accept the plan for Kosovo would put a halt to Serbia’s euro-integrations. Other repercussions, the center writes, would include the withdrawal of investments and the reinstatement of visas for the EU, while the country’s arrangement with the International Monetary Fund would also be brought into question.

According to Demostat, the representatives of the EU, U.S., France, Germany and Italy who met with President Aleksandar Vucic in Belgrade ten days ago, made it clear that by accepting Europe’s plan for Kosovo Serbia could become an EU member by 2030.

In the meantime, the center says, Serbia would gradually be integrated into other European structures, such as the European common market – which guarantees the free flow of goods, people, capital and services.

Conversely, should Belgrade refuse the West’s plan for Kosovo, thereby demonstrating a lack of willingness to lead constructive negotiations with Pristina, Serbia should expect a withdrawal of all European and American investments.

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