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Vucic: Serbia Has Never Used Tricks in Relation to EU Plan for Kosovo

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Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic on March 21 dismissed allegations that Belgrade had been using tricks in regard to the EU plan for Kosovo, stressing that Belgrade had never done it.

“Unlike them, we have never engaged in any tricks – what I said in the Serbian Parliament, at Lake Ohrid [North Macedonia]... what I said in Brussels and to the Quinta representatives in Belgrade, I have been repeating every day,” Vucic told reporters in Belgrade.

“When I sign something or put a seal on something, or when I verbally or orally agree to something, it is legally binding for Serbia, and no one else but a Serbian president or a prime minister and a foreign minister in certain cases can cause consequences to Serbia,” Vucic added. 

He also said that Pristina’s “obligation” was to create an Association/Community of Serb-majority Municipalities, adding that “Kosovo’s membership in the UN or UN organizations, institutions and agencies is out of question as well as is Serbia’s recognition of Kosovo.”  

Earlier on March 21, Kosovo Premier Albin Kurti said in Pristina that the implementation plan of the EU agreements should have already been launched, but added that it had not happened due to Serbia, and requested from the international community to take adequate measures.  

“The basic agreement and implementation roadmap have already been agreed. For us, this is an agreement, but we expect from the international factor to condemn and asses the behavior of Serbia, which in meetings says it is not putting a signature and does nothing in-between meetings,” Kurti stressed. He also said that Serbia should be asked why it had been refusing to sign the document which the parties had agreed on. 

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