Milivojevic: Citizens Have Shaken Up Rotten Criminal Regime, Victory Never Closer | Beta Briefing

Milivojevic: Citizens Have Shaken Up Rotten Criminal Regime, Victory Never Closer

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Srdjan Milivojevic, a Democratic Party MP and one of the informal leaders of the "Serbia Against Violence" protests, has said that the opposition's victory has "never been closer," stressing that the citizens have risen up to liberate their country and society again from an occupation of sorts they have been living in for 11 years now, and that "the rotten criminal regime has been shaken up."

"We have demonstrated numbers and the size of the rallies, now resolve and determination need to be demonstrated. There will be no compromise over the demands presented, there will be no partial adoption of demands and there will be no elections according to the rules of Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic. Those are the red lines for the Democratic Party and, I believe, for all the citizens who want this evil to stop," Milivojevic told the May 26 issue of daily Danas.

He underscored that there would be no violence against the people who were forced to come to the May 26 counter-rally organized by the authorities.

"They are our fellow citizens, coerced and forced to come to this gathering of unfreedom. I invite them all to stay or to come back on Saturday, too, so that we may take a breath of freedom together. At the previous protest we shook the Gazela (bridge), but we shook this rotten criminal regime even more. Together we will shake off those fruits of unfreedom and hatred, for all our sakes," said Milivojevic.

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