State Celebration of St. Vitus’ Day in Krusevac, Patriarch Porfirije in Gracanica | Beta Briefing

State Celebration of St. Vitus’ Day in Krusevac, Patriarch Porfirije in Gracanica

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Nikola Selakovic, Krusevac, June 28 2023 (BETAPHOTO/Ministry of Labor)

State officials laid a wreath at the Monument to Kosovo Heroes in Krusevac, marking St. Vitus’ Day and 634 years since the battle of Kosovo, as well as the anniversary of the founding of the city, which was once the Serbian capital.

The state delegation was headed by the minister for labor, employment, veterans’ and welfare issues, Nikola Selakovic, while Interior Minister Bratislav Gasic also laid a wreath. Accompanied by representatives of the Interior Ministry, Gasic participated in the procession from the Lazarica Church to the Monument, where a memorial service was held for the heroes of Kosovo, the Serbian Interior Ministry has stated.

Patriarch Porfirije declared in the Gracanica monastery on June 28 that the holy sites in Kosovo were the home of all Serbs, and that they were the place where the Serbs find the reason for existing. “Here, in Kosovo and Metohija, we are at home, we understand where we come from. I remind all our brothers and sisters throughout the world of this truth. When we are elsewhere, we are foreigners,” Porfirije has stated.

The patriarch appealed on everyone to contribute to peace in Kosovo. His message to the Serbs in Kosovo was that they should be an example and a lesson to everyone. He added that this June 28 was a very good day because, while the Serbs were celebrating St. Vitus’ Day, one of the most important holidays, the Muslims were celebrating Kurban Bayram, which he also congratulated.

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