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Viola fon Cramon: Djukanovic, Vucic Trying to Destabilize Montenegro

Source: Beta
News / Politics | 07.09.21 | access_time 20:13

Viola Von Cramon (YouTube snapshot)

The enthronement of Serbian Orthodox Church metropolitan Joanikije in the Cetinje Monastery has revealed that retrograde forces are still seizing every chance they get to destabilize Montenegro, European Parliament member Viola fon Cramon said in a written statement on Sept. 7.

"Coordinated in their goal to topple progressive pro-EU and pro-NATO forces in the Montenegrin cabinet, president (of Montenegro Milo) Djukanovic and his satellites from the Democratic Party of Socialists are fighting to prevent future criminal investigations by provoking interethnic tensions, with the strong support of their former partner, Serbian President (Aleksandar) Vucic, who is still using the Serbian Orthodox Church for his political aims in Montenegro," the MEP was quoted as saying by N1.

Fon Cramon also said that the tensions and clashes around and in Cetinje caused by the political instrumentalization of religion were irresponsible and unacceptable. She added that although Montenegrin had an obligation to respect the right of peaceful assembly and the freedom of religion of its citizens, it should not tolerate the sabre-rattling campaign organized by its president Djukanovic and the Belgrade media which is controlled by President Vucic.

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