ProGlas: Serbia’s Elections Abolish Voting Rights Guaranteed by Constitution | Beta Briefing

ProGlas: Serbia’s Elections Abolish Voting Rights Guaranteed by Constitution

Source: Beta
News / Politics | 03.06.24 | access_time 15:14

Non partisan initiative ProGlas (ProVote)Belgrade, April 17 2024 (BETAPHOTO/MEDIA CENTER BELGRADE)

The ProGlas (ProVote) initiative warned on June 3 that Serbia’s local elections held the day before were "neither fair nor free," and that in escalating violence and irregularities they defied even the "darkest of predictions."

"It is now clear to everyone that such 'elections' have de facto abolished the voting rights guaranteed by the Constitution, rendering meaningless the very idea of democratic alternation in power as well. What’s worse, irresponsible actions by the regime have pushed society to the brink of civil conflict," the ProGlas said in a release.

The organization also cautioned that "Serbia has fallen under Aleksandar Vucic's personal rule."

"Dismantling the regime is not a matter for political parties to resolve, but for the entire nation. Remaining faithful to its endeavor to initiate systemic changes in our society, ProGlas will continue to build a social front throughout Serbia to achieve this goal. We were concerned at the beginning, but now we are determined. After the election fraud in December we said we would not take it, and now we promise not to give up, " ProGlas concluded.

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