Phantom Tickets Instead of Phantom Voters | Beta Briefing

Phantom Tickets Instead of Phantom Voters

Source: Beta
Analysis / Analysis | 30.05.24 | access_time 02:04

We Choose to Fight coalition convention in Belgrade (BetaPhoto/Milos Miskov)

The local elections that will be held in 89 cities and municipalities in Serbia on June 2 will affirm the ruling coalition's dominance across the country, since some of the leading opposition parties are not running in the elections in key local self-government units. Although the upcoming elections will most likely again see "phantom voters," who marked the December elections, the regime has this time focused on "phantom tickets." These are tickets that will not cross the election threshold and were submitted with the logistic help of the regime, with the aim of confusing or tricking voters and thereby "stealing away" a number of votes from relevant opposition parties.

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