The Illusion of Media Pluralism Creating Illusion of a Free Vote | Beta Briefing

The Illusion of Media Pluralism Creating Illusion of a Free Vote

Source: Beta
Archive / Analysis | 30.06.21 | access_time 20:12

Rasa Nedeljkov (CRTA/Zoran Drekalovic)

Dear subscribers, bellow is an analysis of Serbia’s media landscape against the backdrop of the national election process, written by Rasa Nedeljkov, the programme director of the Center for Research, Transparency and Accountability (CRTA). The views expressed in the article do not reflect the official position of the Beta News Agency. The article has been subtitled by the agency’s editorial team.

Despite the Number of Media a Variety of Opinion Is in Short Supply

The importance of the media can’t be emphasized enough, but what can be done is to monitor and analyze the media community, keeping serious problems at bay. For a correct diagnosis it is necessary to gauge the stage of growth and democracy within not only against the size of the media body, but also the breadth of access and the quality of programs. Adding elections to the mix makes media pluralism all the more important.

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