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Poll: Progressives Supported by 43 Percent of Voters

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Archive / News | 07.02.22 | access_time 07:36

Voting (Beta/Dragan Gojic)

If a parliamentary vote took place on Feb. 5, the Serbian Progressive Party would win 43 percent of the vote, the Socialists would receive 9.3 percent, while no more than 7.6 percent of voters would vote for the opposition Freedom and Justice Party, Nova.rs portal has reported.

Citing the results of a poll carried out by the editor of Nova Srpska Politicka Misao (New Serbian Political Thought) Djordje Vukadinovic, the portal went on to say that Aleksandar Jovanovic Cuta’s Ecological Uprising could count on the votes of 7.1 percent of the electorate, while 3.6 percent of respondents said they would vote for the People’s Party. The Democratic Party of Serbia can expect to win 2.6 percent of the vote, and the Don’t Let Belgrade D(r)own and Oath Keepers 2.4 percent each.

The Serbian Radical Party stands to win 2.3 percent of the vote, the Enough is Enough movement 2.1 percent, the Democratic Party two percent, Dveri 1.9 percent and the Socialist Democratic Party 1.5 percent.

The poll shows that the leading opposition coalition, the United Serbia, which consists of the Freedom and Justice Party, the People’s Party, the Democratic Party, the Free Citizens Movement and the Parliament of Free Serbia can hardly count on getting more than 14.8 percent, while a slightly smaller number of respondents, 13.1 percent, said they would vote for another opposition coalition called the We Must, consisting of the Ecological Uprising, the Open Civic Platform ACTION and the Don’t Let Belgrade D(r)own movement.

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