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Djukanovic: Serbian Orthodox Church a Disturbance Factor in Montenegro, Region

Source: Beta
Archive / News | 21.03.22 | access_time 15:59

Milo Djukanovic(Photo: PrintScreen YouTube)

Montenegrin President Milo Djukanovic said on March 21 that the Serbian Orthodox Church was a disturbance factor in Montenegro and the region, adding that there might be “many” causes of a war, “but a motive is possible to find almost anywhere.”

In an interview with the Greek Kathimerini newspaper, Djukanovic said that “throughout the history of the Balkans it had never been a problem to find a motive for a new war,” explaining that “the Balkans translated the concept ‘the Russian world’ as ‘the Serbian world,’ engulfing Montenegro as a natural part of it.” The president went on to quote the Serbian Orthodox Church Metropolitan Jonakije as saying that “the war in Ukraine was the consequence of godlessness, and that Montenegro was designed to be a small-scale Ukraine.”

“The metropolitan is faithful to the Russian church, which unconditionally supports the invasion of Ukraine. Serbian priests on social networks cheer with three hoorays the Chechen president, Ramzan Kadyrov, whose special troops have attacked Kyiv. Pro-Russian groups in Serbia, Montenegro and Republika Srpska hold rallies to support Putin and celebrate the Russian army’s ‘feats.’ The media infrastructure, supported by massive financial resources, was installed in the region for that purpose a long time ago. The centers are in Belgrade and Banjaluka, spreading activities to Montenegro and across the region,” the president said.

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