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Haradinaj: Two Conditions for a Dialogue with Serbia

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Archive / News | 03.07.19 | access_time 11:47


Kosovo Premier Ramush Haradinaj has said he has two conditions for accepting a dialogue with Serbia, one of which pertains to the opposition and the other to the international factor.

Asked by the Koha Ditore newspaper whether he will abide by a decision of the Kosovo Constitutional Court to represent the country in the final stage of the dialogue after the Court declared the negotiating team formed by the Kosovo Assembly unconstitutional, Haradinaj said that it is an issue of major national importance warranting comprehensiveness, i.e. the participation of the opposition in the dialogue.

“I can lead the Government, but I cannot represent Kosovo without the participation of all factors,” Haradinaj said.

The other condition, according to him, is the defining of a framework that would ensure the recognition of both countries within the existing borders, without which he will not accept to participate in the dialogue.

“It is unjust to ask us to negotiate without such a framework. I demand that so that there would be no surprises during the dialogue, as it had happened with the border, corrections, demarcation, or territory exchange,” he added.

Haradinaj emphasized that without a framework for the dialogue that would stipulate mutual recognition there is no basis for the talks to resume.

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