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Survey: Young People Dissatisfied, but Uninterested in Politics

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Despite being dissatisfied with the conditions in society, the young people in Serbia are not interested in political events nor are they ready to take part in public affairs. Instead, they are focused on their personal lives, according to a study on the position of young people in Serbia and other countries of the region.

The study entitled Youth in Serbia 2018/2019 and conducted by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation is part of a regional survey carried out in 10 countries – Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia and Slovenia.

The young believe that the government should reduce unemployment, eradicate corruption and guarantee social security and human rights. Turning this “wishlist” into a clearly defined political program is a task for the socially-oriented state and social democracy, which the young people are receptive to, the conclusions of the study say.

They also add that the acceptance of the European identity, a positive opinion on the condition of democratic values in the European Union and the positive effects of EU accession indicate that a clearly articulated vision of Europe could find a fertile ground among the young people in Serbia.

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