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More Than 30,000 Bosnians Left Jobless Due to Epidemic

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At least 32,000 people have been laid off in Bosnia and Herzegovina since the outbreak of the coronavirus epidemic, while employers are announcing that tens of thousands more may lose their jobs, according to the local media. 

Agency for Statistics collective data show that in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, more than 23,000 workers were dismissed between mid-March and July 20, whereas in Republika Srpska just over 9,000 were left jobless in that period, Hina reports. 

The data, however, are not complete because in Bosnia and Herzegovina employers often do not register their employees and do not pay their contributions, and it is assumed that it is precisely such workers who account for the majority of those left jobless. 

The sectors most affected by the epidemic are services, art and entertainment, but negative effects have been felt in almost all other branches of the economy and social sectors. 

The Buka website states that members of the RS Association of Employers in Trade and Tourism have announced they will have to let go at least 15,000 of their workers unless the authorities help them. 

Nearly 90% of transportation services in domestic and international transportation have been blocked for months, and there is no indication of a potential normalization of operations in this sector. 

The wood processing, machine, metal, textile and processing industry are working at 30-50% capacity. 

The World Bank has forecast that consumption in Bosnia and Herzegovina will fall by 3.5 to 6.7%, due to the epidemic, while between 35,000 and 85,000 people in the country may become poor. 

Up to 60% of them will not be included in any state aid program, because they are unregistered workers who are losing their jobs or a portion of their income and do not meet the criteria for any sort of benefit or aid.  

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