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Professor: Constitutional Amendment Authors Are not Legal Experts

Source: Beta
News / Politics | 08.06.21 | access_time 12:19

Svetozar Ciplic (BETAFOTO)

The Novi Sad Faculty of Law professor and the former Serbian Constitutional Court judge, Svetozar Ciplic, on June 8 said that the lawyers who had assisted and had consciously taken part in creating the disputed Constitutional amendment should no longer belong to their profession or work as lawyers. 

In a statement to BETA, Ciplic said that the adoption of the proposed Constitutional amendment in the lawyers was a crescendo of a political and constitutional galimatias representing “the incumbent regime’s unselfish treat to us.”

“The parliament debated and then voted on a phantom-like document, titled proposed amendment to the Constitution of the Republic of Serbia, which aside from listing the articles to be changed and explanations why Constitutional changes are required, does not contain the solutions on how those changes should look like,” the professor specified.

He added that the government had submitted and the parliament had adopted the proposed changes to the Constitution without the crucial content – elaboration on how those amendments would look like.

“When an amendment to the supreme state act is proposed, such a proposal must contain three elements: what is to be changed, why changes are necessary and finally and most importantly, how the content will be changed,” Ciplic stressed. According to him, the third, crucial element was missing from the proposal and the regime had yet again demonstrated disrespect of law and also of citizens by “using this empty legal act to plant a cuckoo’s egg in the form of constitutional amendments for which we do not know how they will be implemented or will look like.”

The Serbian Parliament adopted the proposed Constitutional amendment on June 7.

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