Serbia 33rd out of 193 U.N. Countries based on Criminality Score | Beta Briefing

Serbia 33rd out of 193 U.N. Countries based on Criminality Score

Source: Beta
News / Politics | 04.10.21 | access_time 08:29

Veljko Belivuk during a raid (AP Photo/Darko Vojinovic)

Serbia is 33rd out of the U.N.'s 193 member-states and Europe's second country ranked according to the rate of organized crime, followed by Bosnia, which is 49th on the list, Montenegro which ranked 45th, North Macedonia 74th, Croatia 85th and Slovenia 132nd, says an Oct. 2 report.

According to the Global Organized Crime Index, Mafia-style groups enjoy significant protection by political figures and prosecutors in Serbia, as high-profile drug trafficking cases and murders have not been processed.

The index also shows that there is a strong link between criminal actors and politicians, especially in the media, privatization and public procurement, which provides criminals with considerable protection. The country's political system, including criminal law institutions, is dominated by the ruling party, without effective supervision by the police, the report says.

It goes on to describe Serbia as a place of origin for human trafficking, a transit point and destination. It is also an illegal arms trade center, with a large amount of weapons redirected to illegal markets. Serbia is also denoted as home to widespread trade in heroin, cannabis and synthetic drugs.

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