Vucic at U.N.: Attempts to Dismember Serbia Still Going On | Beta Briefing

Vucic at U.N.: Attempts to Dismember Serbia Still Going On

Source: Beta
News / Politics | 21.09.23 | access_time 22:03

Aleksandar Vucic (Photo: Beta/Amir Hamzagic)

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic stated during the U.N. General Assembly session on Sept. 21 that he was speaking as the president of a free and independent country, on the path to the European Union, but which at the same time, in his words, “is not ready to trample on its traditional friendships, which it has been building for centuries.”
“I wish to raise my voice on the behalf of my country, but also on the behalf of all those who, to this day, 78 years since the founding of the U.N., still believe equally and truly that the principles of the U.N. Charter are the only true guardian of world peace, the right to freedom and independence of nations and states, but also more than that – the pledge for the survival of human civilization,” Vucic said.
He stated that he was unable, nor did he have the right to, as a president “of a small country,” speak about relations between great powers, but that he could and would speak about how disrespect of international law could lead to horrific consequences.
“The attempt to dismember my country, launched formally in 2008 by the unilateral proclamation of independence of Kosovo and Metohija, is still going on. The very violation of the U.N. Charter in Serbia’s case was one of the visible precursors of the problems that we are all faced with nowadays, which greatly exceed the borders of my country and of the region that I am coming from,” Vucic said, adding that, since the last assembly in New York, the world had not become a better or safer place – quite the contrary, because global peace and stability were still acutely jeopardized.

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