Opposition Leader: We Are Waiting for Authorities' Response to Call for Dialogue | Beta Briefing

Opposition Leader: We Are Waiting for Authorities' Response to Call for Dialogue

Source: Beta
News / Politics | 15.03.24 | access_time 12:42


New Democratic Party of Serbia leader Milos Jovanovic has said that the opposition has issued a call to the authorities for dialogue on electoral conditions and that it is now up to the government representatives to respond.

Jovanovic said the call for dialogue had been sent because opposition representatives were "responsible people" and that it was now a question of whether the authorities had "any sense to finally initiate a dialogue." "If there is any common sense, we will go into the process of negotiations regarding electoral conditions... If there is no reply, we know what we need to do and then non-institutional struggle will be the final outcome of all of this," the party quoted Jovanovic as saying on N1 TV on March 15. 

Regarding the upcoming session of the Serbian parliament scheduled for March 18, Jovanovic said "it will pass how it will pass" and that "dissatisfaction on the opposition side will probably be expressed there." "The point is, do these authorities have any sense and have they preserved at least a smidgeon of reason to finally launch a dialogue, i.e. talks with the opposition. All the attempts at dialogue that have existed so far have failed," said Jovanovic.

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