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Professor: Declaration of All-Serb Assembly More Dangerous than SANU Memorandum

Source: Beta
News / Politics | 10.07.24 | access_time 18:22

All-Serb Assembly (BetaPhoto/Milan Obradovic)

A professor of the University of Belgrade, Ivan Videnovic, stated on July 10 that the Declaration of the “All-Serb Assembly” was a seriously composed document that was “more dangerous than the 1986 Memorandum of SANU (Serbian Academy of Science and Arts).”

Speaking at a news conference in the Media Center in Belgrade, Videnovic said that the Declaration of the All-Serb Assembly was “a paper that passed without much analysis.” He concluded that the Declaration was undoubtedly a political platform “of abolishing the sovereignty and flagrant interference in the internal affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina” and one of “a complete cessation of European integration in Serbia and Bosnia.”

He said that it was necessary for the Declaration not to be adopted a legalized by the Assembly of Serbia because it was “unconstitutional and illegal.” “The Western partners and guarantors of the Dayton agreement need to exert additional pressure on (Serbian President) Aleksandar Vucic, so that he would give up on a revived 1986 Memorandum as the platform for more bloodshed in the Balkans,” Videnovic stated.

He said that the Declaration could not be valid when adopted at a local level of one state – the Assembly of Republika Srpska, and the national level of another – the National Assembly of Serbia.

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