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Vucic: We Are Obliged Not To Forget Victims of NATO Aggression

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Speaking ahead of the 22nd anniversary of the launch of NATO air raids on then Yugoslavia, President Aleksandar Vucic on March 22 said that Serbia wished to maintain friendly ties with all the countries which had been involved, but that there was the obligation never to forget the bombardment, which was way the memory of the victims would be nurtured.

“On March 24, we will mark yet another anniversary of the launch of NATO aggression on then Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (FRY). I am using the word “aggression” and not calling it a campaign, intervention or operation, as did those who feared the truth and objections from certain embassies. We are interested in the truth and for us, the lives of children killed is more important than what someone from western embassies could say to us,” Vucic stressed.

He added that appropriate program would be organized on March 24, for Serbia to remember the killed civilians, and also soldiers and police officers who had defended their country. “There are a very few dilemmas about the legal nature of the attack on the FRY and our assessments are proportional. The selection of our words is proportional to the crime committed against one people and one country,” Vucic specified.

He added that Serbia would continue to conduct a pro-freedom policy of preserving its own sovereignty and struggling for its national interests.  

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