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Director Markovic: Limits of Tolerance Have Been Crossed

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Archive / News | 16.12.21 | access_time 11:57

Film Director Goran Markovic (Photo: Beta/MILOS MISKOV)

Serbian film and theater director Goran Markovic on Dec. 16 said that only a fall of “the regime” and a full reset of the entire society could create conditions for normal and democratic elections.  

Speaking about the current situation in Serbia in an interview with weekly Novi Magazin, Markovic said that the limits of tolerance had been already crossed. “It appears that people have forgotten that it is possible to live decently, without constant pressure. But, I think that the limits of tolerance have already been crossed and that this situation cannot last indefinitely,” the director noted.  

According to Markovic, people have definitely freed themselves from fears, while in parallel striking fear into the hearts of “the repressive regime.”  

“Tensions have deepened and have been leading to an outcome. What has not been said is what the outcome will be. It is possible that the incumbent regime will leave peacefully, which is highly unlikely, while it is also possible that the current situation is milk and honey compared to what awaits us. One thing is certain: if the regime decides to cling to power at any cost, which means terrorizing people, home visits, opening camps and similar, which we have already seen in some South American countries, then it will not be good for us,” Markovic specified.  

He further said that in case the regime imposed open terror, people would organize themselves and resort to underground resistance. “I still hope that Aleksandar Vucic is aware of Nicolae Ceausescu’s end and that he will step down without spilling blood,” Markovic stressed.  

The director believes that Vucic was surrounded by “worthless ikebanas” and that he was “the chief protagonist of our tragedy.” “If there is any desire to live left in us, we will overthrow him. Otherwise, he will finish us,” Markovic concluded.  

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