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Djilas: 3.8 Million Voters Need to Turn Out for Opposition to Win Elections

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Archive / News | 18.03.22 | access_time 10:32

Dragan Djilas SSP (Photo: Luka Filipovic)

Freedom and Justice Party leader Dragan Djilas said on March 18 that, according to the party's research, more than 3.8 million voters i.e. close to 60 percent of those registered on the electoral roll need to turn out for the upcoming elections for the opposition to win and for an opposition candidate to enter a presidential runoff.

Djilas told daily Nova that 3.8 million voters needed to turn out for the election because, according to that research, with a turnout of 3.5 million Serbian Progressive Party presidential candidate Aleksandar Vucic would have 52.8 percent of votes, while United Serbia coalition candidate Zdravko Ponos would have 30 percent.

In his words, with 3.5 million voters, the Serbian Progressive Party would have about 47 percent of votes, while the United Serbia coalition, which the Freedom and Justice Party is a member of, would have around 27.5 percent. In that scenario, the Socialist People's Party, the We Must coalition, the NADA coalition and the Oath Keepers party would also pass the election threshold.

He added that the research had shown that the voters of the Enough Is Enough party, the Democratic Party of Serbia and Dveri did not vote either for the Progressive party or for Vucic, but that there were some among the Oath Keepers' voters who preferred Vucic to Ponos.

"Honestly, I believe that those parties whose electorate is absolutely opposition-oriented will show that they really are the opposition and that we can cooperate. We must cooperate on changing Serbia with all who are in favor of that change so that one day we may reach free elections, where everyone will nominate their own policy and ideology," said Djilas.

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