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Professor: Profanities Come from the Top

Source: Beta
News / Politics | 19.11.20 | access_time 12:20

Ranko Bugarski (Wikimedia/Hladnikm)

Professor Ranko Bugarski, from Belgrade University, Faculty of Philology, has said that foul language and profanities have become the norm in public discourse, within the parliament, and political life in general.

“We are not talking about a mere lack of verbal or political culture – but deliberate politics of verbal abuse against those who disagree, which frequently turns into physical violence,” Bugarski said for the Nov. 18 issue of the NIN weekly.

According to him, “these tendencies are observed not only among the ruling circles, but to an extent in the opposition as well; but it is, without a doubt, the regime that dictates such behavior and sets an example for the others.”

Bugarski also spoke about the pro-government media, which he said should actually be termed “government media,” saying they are given a twofold role: “dumbing down their ‘consumers’ so that the latter more gladly vote for the authorities, and to put fear in them so that they act like a bunch of scared animals flocking behind alpha males.”

“I have to admit, these media outlets perform their duties with much success, and for their faithful service they are well rewarded, while – as we well know – the others, fewer in numbers, and their journalists, are constantly being hounded,” Bugarski concluded. 

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