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Vucic: Vucevic Serbia’s New Premier Designate

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News / Politics | 01.04.24 | access_time 09:24


The office of Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said in a press release on March 30 that, after hearing out the representatives of the tickets elected into parliament in the December 2023 elections in Serbia, he had decided to nominate Serbian Progressive Party president Milos Vucevic for prime minister designate.

"I believe that Milos Vucevic possesses the professional and personal qualities needed to discharge the office of prime minister, and he has assured me that he can secure the appointment of the cabinet. I am placing my confidence in Milos Vucevic as he has discharged the responsible and demanding offices of deputy prime minister and defense minister in the previous period, demonstrating that he possesses the dedication and expertise needed for the office of prime minister," Vucic added.

All members of the ruling coalition support the pick of Vucevic for premier designate. At the same time, all opposition parties issued press releases saying that Vucevic is merely Vucic's puppet who would not make any decisions himself. Freedom and Justice Party leader Dragan Djilas was the most caustic, saying that Vucevic "barely finished high school," had "ties to people from criminogenic circles," and that the Progressive party did not have any better candidates who were not wanted by Interpol. Parliament Speaker Ana Brnabic retorted that Djilas was "a tycoon among tycoons and a crook among crooks" and had no right to criticize Vucevic.

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