Escobar: U.S. Supports Implementation of Agreements Reached in Belgrade-Pristina Dialogue | Beta Briefing

Escobar: U.S. Supports Implementation of Agreements Reached in Belgrade-Pristina Dialogue

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Archive / News | 08.12.21 | access_time 13:01

Gabriel Escobar (Photo: U.S. Embassy in Serbia)

United States Deputy Assistant Secretary Gabriel Escobar has said in Sarajevo that the U.S. supports the implementation of the agreements reached so far in the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue -- just as it supports nearing a final resolution soon.

"A dialogue is a mechanism where [two sides] should discuss their differences. The dialogue [between the Serbian state and Kosovo] is led by the European Union. It represents the greatest obstacle to their [accession] to the EU and we support it. We aren't part of the dialogue, but we fully support it," Escobar told the regional TV station N1 in the evening of Dec. 7.

Escobar, who is the State Department's special envoy to the Western Balkans, said that Washington hopes that Serbia will progress towards EU membership. "It is our hope that Serbia will hold its European course. [That it will] close chapters to progress toward EU membership. [That it will] resolve its differences with Kosovo through dialogue and forge good relations with all its neighbors," Escobar stated.

Asked how he perceives Aleksandar Vucic's future as president of Serbia, Escobar said that the matter "is up to the Serbian people."

Escobar was also asked what would happen if the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina were to wake up one morning and find Republika Srpska soldiers along the administrative boundary between entities. "That won't happen," Escobar maintained. "I've said it once, and I'll say it again: there will be no war in Bosnia-Herzegovina. This isn't 1991," he concluded.

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