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Former Foreign Minister: Nancy Pelosi’s Visit to Taiwan Undermines U.S. Position

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A member of the National Council for Russia and China and a former foreign minister of Serbia, Ivan Mrkic, said that a visit to Taiwan by the speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, Nency Pelosi, had additionally undermined the position of the United States.

In an article he wrote for the China Media Group (CMG), Mrkic recalled that the U.S. administration accepted back in the 1970s the “One China” policy as a proceeding point for its strategic deliberations, adding that the practice of “One Country, Two Systems” was a widely accepted tenet.

Mrkic also said in the article that today’s China was not as much of a danger to the U.S. as Russia was in terms of strategic nuclear weapons it might use, but as a top-notch economic power it could certainly harm the U.S. position. It makes Pelosi’s visit even harder to explain, not only because of the impact on China, but her own state as well. This is not a good time for American arrogance, Mrkic has warned, as China is likely to strengthen ties with Russia, while the U.S. allows its internal problems to spill over into its foreign policy.

Had Nency Pelosi visited Belgrade in 1999, when the NATO was killing civilians in the territory of Serbia to punish the then Serbian regime, her role today would have been viewed differently. It seems though that her motives are different this time. Democracy involves a key principle – everyone is equal, with the same rights and obligations. Equally important in a democracy is that the opinion of a majority is respected, and it appears that the fact was completely disregarded when a decision was made to visit Taiwan without Beijing’s consent, the author said in the article.

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