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Botsan-Kharchenko: No Agreement on Kosovo Without Russia and U.N. Security Council

Source: Beta/Blic
Archive / News | 03.02.20 | access_time 13:10

Alexander Botsan-Kharchenko (screenshot fromYouTube)

Russian Ambassador to Serbia Aleksander Botsan-Kharchenko on Feb. 3 said that his country would join the Kosovo talks if Belgrade asks it to do so, but that there will be no deal without Russia’s involvement and the U.N. Security Council’s sanction.  

Russia has always been for the continuation of talks, said the ambassador in an interview with the Blic daily on Feb. 3, adding that the desire for a quick solution is a cause for concern, as visible progress and compromise require more time.

"I don’t believe that there’s a quick solution, unless we’re talking about imposing one that is not acceptable for Belgrade, such as the recognition of Kosovo’s independence", replied Botsan-Kharchenko when asked about the U.S. being intent on quickly solving the matter of Belgrade-Pristina relations.

According to him the possible exchange of territories is a story that has been more talked about in the media, but that there has not been any such official proposal.

"There haven’t been any talks, but I can’t imagine, anyhow, talks without Russia being involved in some way", said Botsan-Kharchenko.

He dismissed the objections about Russia not wanting an agreement to be reached so as to maintain its influence in the region through Serbia, as incorrect, and added that the continuation of talks, in this case their renewal, has always been, and will remain, in his country’s interest.

"If the international community wishes to make a positive and significant contribution, it has to learn from the past, and have understanding of the present situation which no one in the region, neither Europe nor Washington, is happy with", Aleksander Botsan-Kharchenko explained, adding that the "talks have to be returned to foundations of (U.N. Security Council) Resolution 1244".

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