Epidemiologist: Opinion of Doctors Refusing To Receive Covid-19 Jabs Should Be Disregarded   | Beta Briefing

Epidemiologist: Opinion of Doctors Refusing To Receive Covid-19 Jabs Should Be Disregarded  

Source: Beta
News / Politics | 12.01.21 | access_time 18:14

Dr Predrag Kon (BETAPHOTO/Serbian Government/Slobodan Miljevic)

Epidemiologist Predrag Kon, a member of the Crisis Headquarters, on Jan. 12 said that “attention should not be paid to” the opinion of the doctors who refused vaccination, as there was now no time for such debates.

Kon told state public broadcaster RTS it was important that as many as possible people received Covid-19 vaccines for to acquire herd immunity. “Each shot we have is safe and efficient. We have to vaccinate and prevent new waves. Even if they appear, we have to try to keep them low, and it would be the best if we could prevent them. The willingness to take Covid-19 jabs is important as it is the fastest way to acquire herd immunity,” he stressed.

Kon also said that new batches of Pfizer-BioNTech shots had been arriving every week, while 500,000 doses of Russian Sputnik V jab were expected to arrive by the end of January, and later one, one million doses of Chinese Sinovac vaccine.

Asked to comment on a large number of doctors who had passed away, Kon replied that this matter required “a thorough check of data.” “In the beginning, not so many doctors were dying, it has started in the past few months. It must be investigated into how they contracted the virus, who worked in the red zone and whether they were infected in health institutions or somewhere else,” Kon said.  

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