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Former Ambassador Claims Serbia Has Abandoned EU Path

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News / Politics | 04.04.24 | access_time 12:19

Ivan Vujacic

Serbia can no longer claim it is en route to joining the European Union when it continues to maintain excellent relations with Russia, former Serbian ambassador in Washington Ivan Vujacic said on April 4.

In an interview for the latest edition of the Vreme weekly, Vujacic stated that “one should know when a certain policy has run its course and it is time to realign.”

“I like to tell the story I once heard from a high-level Russian diplomat. One morning, the embassy received instructions to defend Serbia’s claim on Kosovo and Metohija, while that same afternoon [the embassy] was told that South Ossetia and Abkhazia could secede from Georgia as Kosovo had done. He then added jokingly: ‘If you can’t ride two horses at once, you have no business working in a circus,’” Vujacic said.

In his opinion, Serbia is “still trying to ride two horses at once,” even though balancing between the EU and Russia will soon become impossible.

“Neither when Russia is concerned, neither with regards to China. Because Europe is beginning to see China in a new light. But I have to add – Serbia has long ago abandoned a European path, and this is obvious in more ways than one,” the former ambassador concluded.

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